InClass descriptions

  • Available to gym members only & casual visits
  • HIIT - high intensity interval training
  • HYBRID - mixture of strength and high intensity (ZUU, kettlebells, dumbbells and  cardio equip)
  • FULL BODY STRENGTH - weight class focusing on full body strength
  • KETTLEBELL - strength and conditioning focused around using a kettlebell
  • METCON - strength/muscular endurance/cardiovascular and aerobic conditioning
  • PRIMAL PUNCH - mix of ZUU, weights and boxing
  • RECOVERY - mobility & stretching (in gym and over zoom)
  • S & C (strength & conditioning) - primarily aimed around strength with some cardio thrown in
  • ZUU - primal bodyweight movement creating strength through all ranges of motion, whilst getting you top end cardio conditioning

  • Available to gym members as well as TNT Coaching passes & casual visits
  • TNT LEG STRENGTH - designed for anyone that wants to get stronger and stable to enable them to run, play sports that involve running or just want to move better. A mix of activation work, weighted and body weight movement, a great session for injury prevention that will have you moving stronger and faster
  • TNT TRACK - join our group of runners to get faster or improve overall running
  • TNT TRAIL - join our group of runners where we hit the trails of the Sutherland Shire

**Classes will be 45 min to 1 hr duration**
10am daily week day creche with Nanny**